Thursday, August 20, 2020

Debunking the Myths of Life Settlement

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A New-Jersey based multiple-business owner and insurance executive, Bill Schantz has served in the investment and insurance industry for over 40 years. A highly experienced professional, he owns and operates multiply firms under his umbrella company, Mid Atlantic Financial, LLC. Among the companies in his portfolio are Senior Settlements, LLC, Bedrock Capital Group, LLC, and Harper Financial, LLC. With Senior Settlements, Bill Schantz introduced life settlements as an asset class into the capital market.

Life settlement can be a fantastic option for seniors closing in on retirement. Yet, like so many things, many people avoid it because of the various myths they've heard. An example of such misconceptions is only people with terminal illnesses qualify for life expectancy. While there is a life settlement option for people with terminal diseases, anyone older than 65 can sell their insurance policy for life settlement.

This age restriction is because life expectancy plays a crucial role in how life settlement companies value insurance policies. Usually, anyone below 65 and without a terminal condition is considered too young to qualify for life settlement. Another popular myth is only insurance packages worth around $1 million qualify for life settlement. However, while most investors prefer policies with high value, the minimum worth of an insurance package that qualifies for life settlement is $50,000. Also, most people believe life settlements aren't legal or government-regulated. On the contrary, life settlement is licit according to state and federal laws.