Monday, October 12, 2020

Turning a Business Idea into a Business Reality

Bill Schantz, a New Jersey-based entrepreneur, owns and manages several companies under the umbrella of Mid Atlantic Financial, LLC. Possessing upwards of three decades of experience, he is a pioneer in new business development. Bill Schantz has always believed that business success is driven by good business concepts and ideas.

Almost everyone has thought of a great business idea, but these ideas rarely become a reality. Often, the first step toward realizing an idea is to turn it into something more tangible. This may include writing the idea down on paper or making a short PowerPoint presentation. Either way, it helps prospective entrepreneurs solidify the specifics and commit themselves more to their business idea.

Once prospective entrepreneurs are fully committed, they must begin by examining the market and making sure their idea could be as big as they think it is. They must consider the demand for their product or service, along with their target market and planned price for what they are selling. These basics give prospective entrepreneurs a clearer picture of their business while giving them the chance to refine their idea and concept.

Beyond this, prospective entrepreneurs must compile a financial plan and business model. During this process, there are several things entrepreneurs must ask themselves, including how customers will pay for the product or service, how their business will interact with customers, and who will be assisting with company activities. Further, the model must be tested and the business brand must be advertised and grown before launch. 

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